W|A: Casual, modern group meditation & mindfulness events

Mindfulness is about tuning into  who you are and what you are doing , right here, right now. Can you feel your feet on the ground, can you taste the coffee you're drinking, can you hear the wind rustling in the trees, can you feel the difference in your body between the emotions of happiness and sadness?

THAT'S being in the moment. It takes practice to hang out in that spot and not get carried out of the moment via thoughts of the past, future, to-do lists etc. Meditation is PRACTICING being in the moment so that we can get better at it in our day to day life.  Life is more rich, funny, rewarding and relaxing in the moment.  With regular practice you will  begin to feel some of the scientifically researched benefits emerge  such as a  longer attention span, a sense of calm, more compassion for yourself and others and an overall sense of well -being. Over time you'll even create the space to pick up on pretty interesting subtle cues that can guide you toward whatever path begins to feel true to you.

 A lot of great stuff, physically, emotionally and spiritually will happen with regular practice (even 5 minutes a day!). And you don't have to be a pious, flexible ashram dwelling monk  with three hours on your hand to learn and enjoy the benefits of practicing meditation. Join us and learn/practice more!

March Mindfulness Grinning Yogi Class