Mindfulness In Real Life- Meal Time

It doesn't take a Google search to conclude that thanksgiving and ceremony before mealtime has fallen by the wayside. In our attempts to maximize our day, we tend to pair the time to nourish our bodies with email checking, driving or getting a pedicure (I've seen it!).  Imagine a meal where you paused before your first bite instead of digging right in...seems almost revolutionary. What if in that pause we contemplated where the food came from, the hands that prepared it, the work in getting it to our plate and the intention for the meal (nourishment, comfort, energy). Showing up to every meal may not seem like a realistic feat but challenge yourself to make maybe even the first bite or minute a mindful one. Have fun exploring the color, taste, texture and smell of what you're about to put in your body. Practice tells me life will get a bit richer and gratitude will soar!