Joshua Tree Retreat Spring 2017 Roundup

WOW! Such a huge transformation and renewal after my trip to the desert (Lovely Joshua Tree) last week. For the rest of my life I will make sure to carve out time to retreat, open my mind to new perspectives, dust out the old patterns and ways of thinking that I don't need anymore and confront my light side AND shadow side in an effort to love myself 360 degrees, warts and all. Through radical self care and self understanding I remembered who I am, I reconnected with my beautiful Spirit and my body and I've never felt so in my power as a healer ( I heal with love and laughter!). In doing this for myself I was able to heal my relationship with my best friend and Spirit Sister Amanda Schendel. For years we've been operating in a loving but strained friendship where we were using each other to both amplify and mask our own deep insecurities. NO MORE! When you love yourself, you can finally love others without judgment or fear of being vulnerable.  If you've had a love/hate relationship with someone know that there is hope! And it begins with loving yourself in the now, not some future perfect version of yourself and taking 100% responsibility for not feeling good and wanting to fix it. Through walking this journey Amanda and I have found our next Soul Purpose Project!  We will be writing an online14 Day Spiritual Journey Quest For the Modern Person! We're excited to share seemingly mysterious spiritual concepts and traditions in a way that is accessible, inclusive and totally US. Amanda is driving up to Seattle for the summer so we can really do this and do it well. We want to thank all of our friends and family out there for loving us and believing in us over the years. GET READY, the band is back together again and this thing is gonna be awesome!!!