Perspective Collecting: Where is the best summer in the world?

My perspective: Summer is the Best in The Great Pacific Northwest, especially Seattle.
Low humidity leaves the air crisp with freshness while still being warm. The brilliant green of our trees meets deep blue lake water. These lakes surround you on all sides and I kid you not: The sun sets at about 9:45pm daily. An ocean sunset is pretty spectacular but for me, nothing beats the purple glow of Mt. Rainer out for a summer sunset.  


If you find yourself immediately trying to silently correct me on this hold up! What if neither of us had to be "right" and we just got to enjoy each others unique perspectives, our heart filled takes on the same thing (and an awesome thing no less!). The best that could happen is that you get an even broader understanding  on what makes summer so incredibly amazing. I'd love to hear more about our planets incredible summers so if you feel like sharing your unique perspective please leave it in the comments below!!