Daring To Love Myself

I have a really beautiful Spirit. {Enter voice telling me that's bitchly selfish}

I'm very kind, I want people to feel welcome, I actually 100% certified do love to laugh, I'm understanding {Enter voice saying, “Hell Yea, all that is true. But what about how you.....”)

STOP. I'm saying right here and right now that I'm no longer going discount myself just to say something nice about myself. I’m going to accept compliments, I’m going to believe the good hype and I’m gonna be kind and understanding to myself. We spend enough time in self-recrimination, batting away our light sides and over-inflating our shadow sides. There is no reason we can’t more often choose to think about ourselves in a way that makes us happy, inspired to feel good and that ring EQUALLY as true! Inviting you all to truly Love Yourself with me.