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Meditation Workshops at Camp Souldust

  • YMCA Camp Colman 20016 Bay Rd KP S Longbranch, Washington 98351 USA (map)

Come join the amazing Spring Camp Souldust from April 12 to 15!

Camp Souldust is where the simplicity of the summer camp meets a world of soulful exploration. You’ll become part of a tribe of vibrant, glorious, curious souls united in an analog, magic-infused experience complete with cabins, camp counselors and s’mores. We’ll make space to help you unearth your soul’s calling right under the forest canopy.

::::::: A world apart, close to home :::::::

This Camp Souldust is held at a comfortable, authentic, and rustic summer camp tucked into the woods outside of Seattle. Our 4 day, 3 night camp will combine the abandoned joy of traditional summer camp goodness with exploration of subjects like mindfulness, wildcrafting, astrology, yoga and so much more.

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Meditation Workshop #1

A Meditation For Celebrating Your Natural Ability to Create Space

Mindfulness is who you , right here, right now. Can you feel your feet on the ground, can you taste the coffee you're drinking, can you hear the wind rustling in the trees, can you feel the difference in your body between the emotions of happiness and sadness? THAT'S being in the moment. It takes practice to hang out in that beautiful spot and not get carried away with judging it or leaving it to dwell on thoughts of the past, future, etc. Meditation is PRACTICING being in the moment more often. Life is richer, more funny and more relaxing in the moment. The more you practice, the more you can pick up on interesting, subtle cues that can put you on your easiest path to whoever the heck you are. In fact, a lot of great stuff, physically, emotionally and spiritually can happen. And you don't have to be a pious, flexible ashram dwelling monk to learn and enjoy the benefits of the practice. All you have to do is smile, unclench, and breath:)

Workshop #2

A Meditation for Integrating Body and Soul After Spiritual Expansion

When we heed the call for change and renewal in whatever avenue Spirit chooses (i.e. attending Souldust, a diet change journey, spiritual ceremonies, physical healing) huge shift happens. It feels incredible, exciting; empowerment flows! Expansion can also be exhausting and daunting as we work to integrate the new lessons and teachings back into the bodies and lifestyles that were carved out by our old patterns and energies. Very quickly the spirits of frustration, defeat and overwhelm can settle into the precious spaces we worked to clear. Protect the fertile space of your journey by establishing a bedrock of self-compassion and high frequency thought patterning. Grab your surfboard and let's ride the wave of balance and equanimity!

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Group Meditation at Daybreaker